Start at Equadior

Jan Morten Ruud
Thu 18 Feb 2010 21:33
Dear readers,

Today at 12:00 local time the World ARC fleet did a beautiful start out from Ecuador towards Galapagos. We, the crew of Ronja viewed this spectacular sight together with ARC Rally control from shore. Oh - yes, we would very much be joining the other boats, but the faith would it differently. Our sealing on the shaft is at the end of it defined time of usage (in fact it is twice that), but it has worked fine until now. Now it has started to leak and it needs to be changed. We had the part ordered from Norway to Panama, but somewhere on the way it got lost. We then ordered a new one from Ecuador that now finally have arrived. The technicians should have mounted it this morning, but there are several other boats with some issues, so we did not access to a technician before now - and it is being installed just now.

We are therefore aiming for our own start tomorrow morning 08:00 and you other World ARC boats out there - you better watch out - we will catch up. During our period being hauled up in Ecuador we have got installed some secrets gadgets that will give us tremendous speed. I guess we will arrive before you in Galapagos.

All is well with the crew and the moral is high despite the delayed start.