Day 9: Speed record and Squallsbusting service

Jan Morten Ruud
Wed 2 Dec 2009 12:40
Dear readers,
15.2 knots! We broke a new speed record this morning zooming down a perfect wave in favorable winds. Conditions are wavy but it's nice and sunny and the winds are just right. Banana pancakes for lunch!
The for-profit entity at S/Y Ronja, High Seas Productions, have three major annoncements today:
First and foremost, Mrs. Vilde Ruud, the Chief Vegetable Officer at High Seas Productions, tells us that the first Alfalfa crop is ready for purchase and consumation. Through tender, loving care and a couple'o squalls for fresh water, the sprouts look fresh and green. Although they taste a little bit of grass, we have erason to believe that the sprouts are filled with antioxydants, omega3, ying & yang and good karma.
At noon today, Stian and Snorre Ruud will lauch their Squallsbusting service. In a milestone for transatlantic marine travel, we will offer to install a box at customers' vessels with one big, red button acting as a squalls alarm. When this is pushed, Stian and Snorre with almost instantly appear in their tight-fitting, glow-in-the-dark neoprene suits (something which we hope will be especially popular among female crew members) and help the vessel safely but quickly thru the squall. Says a confident Stian Ruud: "Behind the Captain's back, we have actively been seeking squalls to practise in, and we are now ready to use our expertise to help other boats." And his co-buster Snorre says: "Who ya gonna call? Squallsbusters!"
Our new data hosting service, The REAL Pirate Bay, will go online this afternoon. In a statement, President and CEO of High Seas Productions, Jan Morten Ruud, says the following: In country after country, the autorities go after people with legitimate needs for file sharing and data hosting. But we can assure you that your data is safe at 19 dgr North and 42 Dgr West with the possible exception of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley tunes. Data wants to be free, and the REAL Pirate Bay is able to live up to that slogan. When we include our 4 laptops, 3 external hard drives, 5 mp3 players, 6 mobile phones and 3 cameras we can supply more than 4 terrabyte of storage space. The access speeds and the access costs are still a small issue, but you have to remember that via the Iridium connection your data have actually travelled to outer space and back which make them really special. Also, we are working hard on providing WIFI coverage on the stretch between Las Palmas and St. Lucia which will solve all access issues.
And that is all the news from your affectionate crew aboard S/Y Ronja who do not support illegal file sharing on any shore.
Best regards from
Vilde, Vibeke, Snorre, Stian, Jan Morten & harrall
Coordinates:   W42.36.261., N19.25.074

Distance totalt current rute: 2720 Nm
Sailed distance last 24 hours: 165 Nm
Sailed distance since start:1702Nm
Distance left (current route to St. Lucia):