Jan Morten Ruud
Fri 27 Nov 2009 12:28
Dear readers,
we are aware that we made a promise in yesterday's blog to share our 15-year plan to reach Rodney Bay with you. We have to delay the transmission of this plan BECAUSE WE GOT FISH! AND WE SAW DOLPHINS!
And all this has heightened the spirit of Ronja to unprecedented highs and unleashed a wave of creativity such as this:
Joke 1
Question: What did the sharks ("Hai" in Norwegian) say when they arrived in the Caribbean?
Answer: Hai Hai!
Joke 2
Question: What did the Golden Mackerels say when they arrived in the Caribbean?
Answer: Nothing. No Golden Mackerel arrived in the Caribbean - S/Y Ronja had fished them all!
In addition, the great Yatzy tournament is underway. Stian spent all afternoon tuning the tournament rules (which is, we are not proud to say, a lot more time than what we have spent tuning the rig.....) and the games have begun. Stian, Jan Morten and Vilde are doing rather well. Harald needs a dice that can roll 7s in order to qualify for the next round.....
Also, the boat is teeming of quizzes. Stian made the "when we will arrive Rodney Bay quiz" and Vilde has made a great every-friday quiz with 10 questions each time.
The Chairman and CEO of High Seas Production, Jan Morten Ruud, is happy to announce the promotion of Mrs. Vilde Ruud to Chief Vegetable Officer (CVO). With her social skill set and gospel singing background, I feel that Vilde is a perfect fit for the position, Mr Ruud says. While continuing to have a high focus on our 12V Anywhere service, we are convinced there is an unmet demand for fresh veggies among Atlantic Vessels. Vilde Ruud adds: We are taking orders immediately for the first batch of Alfalfa sprouts for alongside delivery within three to four days. We look forward to serving you all!
That's all for today. We are zooming along in great conditions, and soon the pan-fried mackerel with rice & wasabi will be ready. Thank you for all greetings and emails! They are the highlight of the day - please keep on sending them!
Yours affectionately,
Crew at S/Y Ronja
Coordinates:   W27.48.992., N21.35.431

Distance totalt current rute: 2720 Nm
Sailed distance last 24 hours: 157,2
Sailed distance since start:850,7 Nm
Distance left (current route to St. Lucia): 1936,8 Nm