Day 10: Secret no. 1 + Warning to Norw. boats

Jan Morten Ruud
Thu 3 Dec 2009 12:51
Dear readers,
it would be wrong to say that we don't know anything about Gennaker sailing. After all, we have seen pictures of sailboats with Gennakers. And Harald once had a dinghy ("Oslojolle") which he is almost certain had a Gennaker or a Spinnaker or something. And über-sailor Torleif took Jan Morten for a quick spin in the Oslo fjord some time back.
So yesterday, when the big lull had ended and we got some light winds, we decided to try it out. We have developed a good routine when doing foredeck operations (which is not the same as the Norwegian word "dekkoperasjon":-) where we discuss in detail what we are going to do, then we repeat in our own words what is going to happen, and then we say it once more. And then we go ahead. AND IT WORKED! Snorre pulled the white rope and like magic the big red sail appeared. And off Ronja went. And then the wind got a little stronger. And then it got a little darker. And then - well - we all got a little scared. So Snorre worked his magic again, only in the opposite direction, and the Big Red came down. Afterwards we celebrated. We are now brimming with self confidence and are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to use the Gennaker again.
Vibeke and Vilde are baking the super-Vibeke-special-chololate cake. It should've been for the halfway celebration, the winds and the waves were simply too much back then. So instead we will have it for the 2/3-there celebration today.
Thank you for all your requests to share secret no. 1. The issue has been dicussed in Ronja's high court, and here it is! The song will also be performed by the Ronja crew at the much-awaited beach party where Mrs. Vilde Ruud will play guitar!
(Apologies to our non-Norwegian readers, this song comes in Norwegian only.More content in English follows after the song)
Melodi: Julekveldsvisa
Hvis du skal krysse dammen
med fart og elegans
Da må'ru skjønne åssen
du skal seile båt på langs
For krysset går til Rio
og tvers til Samarkand
Men langsen tar deg lynraskt
rett til Rodney Strand
Og langsens hem'ligheter
tok en uke å forstå
Så nå skal jæ fortelje
og du skal høre på
Dra storseilet til høyre
så langt du bare kan
For reving er for pyser
og forbudt i mange land
Ja reving er for pyser og
forbudt i mange land
Og langsens andre greie
er å kjøre båten støtt
Da kan du ikke seile
med forseilet på gløtt
Sett genoa'n til venstre
og fest det godt i staken
Og sett deg ned på rompa
og få vinden rett i baken
Ja sett deg ned på rompa
og få vinden rett i baken
From: Leeward islands institute of pest control and forensic science
Regarding: Floating cockroaches identified
On yesterday, December 2nd, a fishing vessel located in the sound between St. Lucia and Martinique was invaded from underneath by swimming cockroaches kitted out with diving gear. The fishing vessel avoided damage since the cockroaches got confused about the design of the boat. Our intelligence sources indicate that the cockroaches have been trained by a jihadi group based in Guantanamo Bay where they have practised on a boat modelled after a 42 feet Jeannau Sun Odessey with a Norwegian flag at the back. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that the swimming cockroaches will be more effective when battling Norwegian boats. In order to arrive in Rodney Bay safely, Norwegian-registered ARC participants should sail well north of Cuba or south of Cape Horn and then back trough the Panama canal.
And that is all the news from you affectionate crew aboard S/Y Ronja. Thank you for all mails and comments an do not hesitate to contact us at ruud {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com
Best regards from
Vibeke, Vilde, Stian, Snorre, Jan Morten & harrall
Coordinates:   W44.54.756., N19.06.473

Distance totalt current rute: 2720 Nm
Sailed distance last 24 hours: 131 Nm
Sailed distance since start:1833Nm
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