O-boy what i night ...

Jan Morten Ruud
Mon 18 Jan 2010 18:15

Dear readers,


Been at Aruba for 5 nights, fixing some problems with our charging system - which now is back in order, we have recognized the strong tradewinds blowing at 20-35 knots over the Island.

We have though promised Paul in WORC that we will be in Panama no later than the 25th of January, so it was time to leave our nice and sheltered harbor. After a lot of local advices we have decided to go the coast of Columbia - it is said to be better weather (i.e. less wing and waves which there is plenty of out here). Harald - I have seriously thought about adding a wave power plant to our High Seas Production on board.


Of we went 5 PM so that we would reach the coast of Columbia in the early morning.

O-boy - what a night. After a couple of hours the wind picked up as it where no limits to how much it could blow. After steadying out at 32-36 knots with regular gust around mid 40, we got an interesting sea. We could for sure sell tickets to all the nearby rollercoaster fans. We are normally very pleased with 1.st officer Raymarine, but this night he must have got a cold or perhaps the swine flue. Taking Raymarine out of duty, there where hand steering in the total black void for the rest of the night (the moon was up for one hour). Approaching the cost of Columbia it actually started to settle down, both wind and waves.  It actually settled down so much so Raymarine where put back on duty, and some of us took a nap in the cockpit. Then it was that Go Beyond secret weapon hit us (hi Go Beyond - the ARC race is over). A tremendous wave braked in our aft, over the davits and plumed direct into the cockpit and further down in the aft sleeping quarters as well as the saloon. At least we got the showers and the cleaning done.


After this it seemed that we where protected from the Columbian coast, for the weather just got better and better. Now we are cruising along in 10-12 Ms with waves less than 1 meter and everything is just greate.


Stian and Snorre have pulled out the fishing gear with the biggest hooks we have. Why is it that they always has to try to get the biggest and ugliest ?


Patrik, our new crew from Linna 4 in ARC 2009, is doing greate onboard. He is a real asset, both social and with the duties on borad.  So to Patrick parents, thank you for supporting Patrik on his trip with us through Panama canal and the further to Marquesas and Tahiti. Patrik is ok, he got a little wet during last night, but has dried up now and are up maneuvering the boat in trick Columbian waters. It charts has this lables that says “not yet surveyed” Harald, what the he.. does that mean, I thought you were down to clear everything.


That’s all for now,




Position 12:08.012N, 72:22.029W