Sights of Porto

Journeys of Aardvarc
Tue 7 Aug 2012 20:51
Have a bit of catching up to do.
Have been sailing single handed for two days and last night was too tired to post a blog..apologies...
There are lots of photos of Porto, a beautiful city so will try to give you an idea of how special it is.

Town square

Opposite the railway station

Inside the magnificent railway station, the following photos are details of the murals, all made up of individual blue tiles and depicting scenes from the 12th century

Those of you with facebook will have seen the next picture of a shoe shop where we have to be careful what you say!

The torre dos clerigos was recommended to us by the very friendly lady we met on the metro
We climbed it and as a reward were allowed to sample two sorts of port and..wait for it
some Mateus Rose... took me back, wish it hadn't...

vintage trams..

Irreverent pigeon..

The main bridge, carries road , rail and foot traffic

Boat load of port..

A wonderful place, come if you can