Journeys of Aardvarc
Sat 28 Jul 2012 17:27
42:14.50N 08:43.40W

We left Camarinas in the driving rain & thunder, as we thought it looked a little clearer out to sea. Coming out of the marina we were followed by another 2 yachts; as a 2-man crew, who seem to overtake everyone (see  footage of Aardvarc racing forth on Facebook), I think we are pace-setting for some of the bigger crews/boats…...but we soon left them behind….again!

So….more interesting weather; got soaked leaving the marina & as the rain dried up the fog got worse.

We settled in for another day of eyestrain & damp…….& still no sign of the bloody black pearl! However, as we cornered Cape Finesterre the sun came out.

Whilst I didn’t take off my jumper all day, Ed was down to his shorts – possibly due to an increased temperature as a Spanish fishing vessel suddenly changed course & headed directly for our starboard-side, I haven’t heard some of those words before & the air horn certainly made me very aware of his existence!

As with most days we start with a 40-50mile trip planned & then stick another 20-30miles on for good measure (??) today was no different; our original plan of sailing halfway to Baiona/Vigo was changed to sailing all the way there once the fog had cleared….changed to sailing to Ria de Pontevedra on the north of the river to avoid the shipping lanes when the fog came back, to sailing to Vigo once the fog had cleared again! One of the reasons for our decision was the amazing radar (& AIS)… picks up everything in the poor visibility & made us really comfortable about carrying on. See the photo of the huge tanker (& the giant blob on the radar) that appeared out of the mist…..but we knew it was coming!

So….into Puerto Deportivo, Vigo – with a day to relax before Nick’s arrival this evening! This relaxing day began with stressing about the wifi, more stressing about undelivered mail & cleaning the boat inside & out! However, we followed this up with a lovely swim in the marina pool….a good 50 lengths definitely clears the mind, although not sure about the horrible swimming hats we were required to wear!

Off to Corte Ingles for provisions (jamon & more gin) & now we’re back waiting for Nick’s arrival – when the terrible 2 become the troublesome 3……should be a good week!

Sailor V (H)