On our way again

Journeys of Aardvarc
Wed 21 May 2008 05:44
We left Bora Bora today shortly after 10am.
Yesterday was good as we celebrated Diana's birthday. In the evening we went to a fairly famous restaurant called Bloody Mary's.
Food is all laid out when you arrive and there are all sorts of fresh deep sea fish to choose. Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Moon fish etc some with marinades and it is all cooked fresh on a large open grill.
They made a small chocolate soufflé with a candle on it for Diana and she was delighted.
I am 90% sure that the people sitting at the next table to us were Goran Ivanesevic and his wife.
If you eat there you can have a 'free' mooring overnight and water to fill the tanks.
Our watermaker has been playing up a bit so we were glad to be able to leave with a full tank.
Next stop Roratonga in the southern Cook Islands. Hope to get there Friday.
Still Polynesian people, no longer French administration but a loose association with New Zealand, so 1/3 the price hopefully.
French Polynesia is one of the most expensive places I have ever been.
£3.50 for a small can of beer!
Robert says it is more expensive than St Moritz.
Roratonga has beer at 60p a can.
Tomorrow a frontal system will face us and winds may be quite strong but hopefully on the beam so fast exhilarating sailing may be in store.
Can't upload any photos at the moment but will try to at the next shorebased  internet connection.