Lagos 2 by Rich

Journeys of Aardvarc
Mon 13 Aug 2012 15:56
continued supplementary blog by Neil Lee Competent ( typed by his temporary secretary ( loupy) ( in the absence of Penelope))

Having arrived in a picturesque bay it was time to test out the new electrically operated anchor.
I suggested the skipper could be used as a really good anchor as he was of superior weight to which I was relegated to the galley on washing up duties.. ( he's making it up..Ed)

By now we were able to cook food for our evening meal having earlier, rather precariously, hung the barbecue over the stainless steel rails and affixed the bolts as tightly as we could.

Sleeping that night took some doing as we were almost subjected to gale force winds during the evening. The anchor held and the winds suddenly died down at around 23.00 hours.

Setting off was easier than normal  ( no ropes or fenders, just up the anchor and away) and we set off for Sines with a fair amount of sail to assist the engine and averaged about 7 knots.

Putting in at Sines we were greeted by very helpful folk at reception, terrific showers etc. and then out came the Apollo bikes and off we went into town, stopping briefly at a market/social gathering. We soon found a scruffy small restaurant with a "granny" version of Basil Fawlty in charge and had a great meal with views of the harbour.

The way back was downhill and taken at probably greater speed than was sensible...but we arrived at the social on the way back also.

This was a fascinating slice of Portuguese family life and we stood out as the two foreigners, especially with our Halfords bikes.
Ed bought me a mohito and this and the earlier wine helped speed us to our resting place, Aardvarc.

Sleep soon came but for me an early start with belly ache and severe sickness.  the skip treated me with assorted potions and sailed the boat on his own to Lagos, where we are now.
My secretary  ( sorry Ed), arranged my passage home and shuttle fish or rather bus to the airport.
The rest of the day we have been relaxing and admiring the scenery and enjoying local food of high quality, especially the fruit and veg...
Well, all for now...hope all our readers are well and enjoy the blog!
R.S. (assistant crew)