Journeys of Aardvarc
Fri 21 Mar 2008 00:34
Yesterday was quite exciting!
During the day the wind dropped a little and we slowed down to about 4 or 5 knots increasing our passage time by several days.
We decided to put up the spinnaker.
For the daytime hours we sailed very well at speeds between 7 and 10knots, and the boat was very stable. We weren't sure if to keep it up overnight but the forecast was for lighter winds and no squalls.
At about 7pm we were hit by a squall that increased in strength suddenly till we were experiencing 30+ knot winds and the boat was racing along at 11-12 knots, the rain was torrential and we could barely see.
It took us an hour to get the spinnaker down and it was all rather exciting.
In the end no harm done and a valuable learning experience for us all.
Pacific....what Pacific???
We now have 1100 miles to go, are doing 7 knots under white sails and progress is good. Have nearly run out of fresh salad and veg but it has lasted very well considering.
Had cold pasta twirls with tomato, green pepper, red cabbage and grated cheese for lunch, surprisingly tasty.
Robert is cooking us some steak for tea. Sam has broken a guitar string and Paul has just finished reading Pompeii by Robert Harris which he highly recommends. Life goes on....