Northern Spain , Getaria

Journeys of Aardvarc
Wed 18 Jul 2012 17:58
43:18.09N 02:11.86W

Very sad to say goodbye to Bayonne , Anglet and Biarritz.

We both thought they were the most friendly places we had ever been. Happy smiley helpful people everywhere.

So we thought Basque Spain should be OK...

We thought...

After a 35 mile lumpy trip this afternoon we arrived at our first Spanish port of Getaria.

Nice little deep harbour, supposedly 16 visitors spaces.

Radio in.....

"No,senor, we are full, you have to leave...."

" But there are only two yachts on the reception pontoon and we can tie alongside them..."

"No , we are full, you must leave..." This had happened to us once before in Southern Spain but we thought it would be different here...

I won't write down what we said, but it followed on from the Catherine Tate sketch..." the dirty evil .......... etc"

Never mind..we went out and anchored in the bay, had a swim and a g and t, blagged onto their wifi and here I am writing away.

It can only get better or can it?