Journeys of Aardvarc
Sat 20 Oct 2012 16:16
36:32.4N 06:17.0w

Its Saturday evening, 25 degrees in the cabin and we have just arrived after a very sunny journey here from Mazagon.

Our first stop after Lagos was Vilamoura. A short 25 mile trip.
It was a bit damp when we arrived and this was followed by a terrific deluge in the night.
Fine when you are safely tucked up in a warm bed.

Thursday morning we discovered they had put us in a shallow berth and we were stuck in the mud and could not leave early.
Eventually the tide came in and we set off at midday for Vila Real on the border between Portugal and Spain.

This was a 40 mile journey in cold damp cloudy conditions but a nice river to sail up to find the marina early evening

The clothing you can see does not exactly suggest warm conditions.

A very tricky manoeuvre on Friday morning saw us escape from the marina.  The tide was running out at 3 knots and we very nearly ended up swept into
several moored boats by this strong current.
Aardvarc's nimble manoeuvring abilities allowed us to miss the other boats by inches. Phew.....

We had a fine trip to the next port of Mazagon.
When we arrived another boat pulled in behind us. The owner appeared to be lifting a large goat off onto the pontoon!

Turns out it was a hairy dog... and desperate to find a loo after 5 hours on ran off past Heather...

Mazagon was unremarkable, a bit poor and run down, but a good marina and we enjoyed the tapas.

Clocks went forward for Spain but we forgot to take this into account when deciding how light it would be in the morning and ended up
getting up at 9am.

No matter...a lovely motor sail to Cadiz..warm and sunny..I even went in the sea to check the propellor...sea temperature 23 degrees.

Cadiz has two cruise ships in  ..the Oriana and the Oceana.. 

Anyway, we are off to explore....