Hiva Oa

Journeys of Aardvarc
Fri 28 Mar 2008 21:14

Greetings from the Marquesa Islands.
We arrived yesterday after 17 days at sea and 3000 more miles covered. Generally the journey went well with good trade winds, strong enough to give us good speed and only occasionally a bit stronger in the squalls but nothing the boat couldn't easily cope with.
The islands are stunning.
You can see from the picture that we were greeted by Joanne from the tourist board who presented us with Leys, fresh flowers that smelled beautiful, a bit like jasmine.
Behind us you can see a huge mountain that is permanently in the cloud. The scenery is spectacular.
We have been warned that swimming is not ideal because there are lots of sharks in this bay!!!
Tomorrow we are off to Fatu Hiva and one of the other smaller islands. We aim to gradually make our way to Tahiti and to be there by the end of April.
We are off to visit Paul Gaugin's grave and house this afternoon.
The boat email system has not been working for some days now as we are out of range of the nearest satellite so we apologise for the infrequent blogs. Lots more photos will follow when we can get a good internet connection.

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