Journeys of Aardvarc
Mon 8 Sep 2008 17:35
position 09:07.0S 116:21.3E
Hello again.
We are 6 days into our passage from Darwin to Bali.
Wind was very light and variable at first so had to use the engine a lot. Winds have been better the last few days so the initial slight concern re running out of fuel has evaporated.
Weather is great , 30 degrees by day 24 degrees at night, mostly clear skies.
Have been navigating using my is outstanding how accurate it is. Now that I am getting the hang of it and all the calculations needed. That is the worst part....night watches and reduced sleep, then trying to get your head around spherical geometry. Fortunately the tables do most of it for you but lots of opportunity for silly mistakes. All the same, it has worked, I have done two sun sights a day for the last week. Each gives a line on the chart and where the two cross is where you theory... but because we have GPS satellite navigation to check we can tell if the sights are correct...and nearly all have been accurate to less than half a mile...which is perfectly good enough for ocean passages. Thank you to all my partners for the sextant that was my leaving present from the surgery. When I go home I can present my charts and plots to a RYA examiner and take an oral exam that should lead to my becoming an "Ocean Yachtmaster"
Yesterday morning caught a nice Dorado  ( Mahi Mahi). There are lots of fish around, caught a small yellow fin tuna earlier in the week.
So last night had Dorado stir fry...delicious...thank you Nick for all the tuition on Wok cooking.
No photos this time as we are at sea but hope to have some to upload from Bali.
We expect to arrive in about 10 hours time....another new place, very exciting..Indonesia is a huge place , over 13000 islands and ranks 4th in the world for population numbers.