Journeys of Aardvarc
Fri 10 Aug 2012 19:47

38:28.59N 08:58.66W

New Blog by Neil Lee Competent!

As Ed's brother, I have now acquired a new title, as above!

I arrived at Lisbon airport to a very prompt greeting by Ed and off to the boat we went.
From the marina we went out in the evening on the hunt for ' local ' refreshment and good company which we were soon to find, amidst many Portuguese holidaymakers!

Ice cold beers were served, reminding me of the John Mills and Sylvia Sims classic film 'Ice Cold in Alex'.

Locally sourced food followed ( sardines and squid) and off we went back to rest for the night in the harbour of Cascais.

On Friday a.m. we decided to raid the town's market place and "what a find", reminiscent of Menorca. Samples of peaches were enthusiastically consumed and purchases made for our evening meal.

We soon set off, after talking to a Dutch couple on the boat next door, Ed initially jokingly refused to speak to them because they had beaten us 9-2 in the hockey yesterday evening but I was so taken by her amazing teeth ( as good as Charlie's) that we had a brief pleasant chat and then were off....

We travelled for several hours and tried fishing..

Finally we anchored in a picturesque bay for the night

 allowing us to sample g and t and rose wine in preparation for barbecued fish dinner
accompanied by a leek, onion and potato saute and parsley sauce extraordinaire!

Hope the wind quietens down a bit, its 23 knots at the moment, we expect it will or a noisy night is in store...

Well, soon to bed and we will be at rest in readiness for a new day. Special thanks to dear Penny for looking after my gorgeous dog Polly....