Mota Lava, Banks Islands 13:41.57S 167:37.84E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Tue 13 Aug 2013 20:48
This is a non-anchorage. Not on the charts, not in the guide books and on the shady side of good. Anchor dropped in a tiny patch of coral rubble amongst huge coral heads. The wind is due to stay in the SE so we should stay lying in the same direction. Feels alright though.

We brought 9 villagers from Vanua Lava here today as this is where they come from originally. We hope they can organise a Snake Dance for us on neighbouring Ra Island tomorrow, but who knows? They are lovely people with big smiles all the time. THey have made Liz and I their new Brother and Sister in a very simple ceremony.

Church yesterday was one of the top moments of our trip. The smallest simplest church with at least 15 people and kids sitting side by side in a wood and coconut tree hut, filled it up to capacity. The singing and worship was very real.

Said goodbye to s/v Anna Rose yesterday who have moved on to another special time in the next islands North and have left a treasure letter for Zinnia there for us to pick up some time. Special people, sadly on a slightly different timeline and path to our own.