Day 0 -Preparation and off 28:51.71N 13:49.01W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Tue 1 Dec 2009 21:34
After some odd jobs including refitting the main halyard which required
Led to the top of the mast (thank God for power winches!!) we left Rubicon
Marina at 10.00pm having been waiting for "Jan the electrics man" to fit us
in as a favour in order to fix the alternator that needed attention. Within
an hour of leaving the harbour wall the swell got the better of Giles. He
went uncharacteristically quiet and was fixed with a patch behind
his ear by K the Doctor. When it was his turn to go on watch he was woken
by K and given a cup of tea. This he drank quickly in order to relieve
Ant on the helm. What a mistake! He bent down to fix on his harness and his
world changed. BUCKET he shouted. Ant fumbled around in the dark. LOCKER
Giles shouted. Ant was just about to pass Giles the straw bag of shoes when
he found the bucket just in time. The result was inevitable but well

Giles time on the helm was interesting. In a fairly big swell he began to
get blurred vision and hallucinations. When relieved by Led (if you 'd
the expression). He sat down and made friends with the bucket again. He then
slept outside and when he woke he had come up with some new names for the
watch - Wallace and Vomit.

Other than that it was an uneventful first night, with the crew getting used
to the creaks and groans of the boat and each other.