Leaving Manihiki 10:32S 162:32W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Fri 3 Aug 2012 17:41
We left Manihiki this morning at first light after 18 days. A classic case of don't believe everything you read in the books. All the advice was that you can just about anchor, but its very tenuous and dangerous - we had hoped to be able to stay for a couple of days. We found a huge ship buoy plenty far enough away from the reef and an easy landing stage. Now, things would have been very different if the wind was out of the West, but in this season that would be very rare.
Great atoll, great people, and great fishing... lots of that to come in the blog when we finally get some internet.

Right now we have 20-25kn from the SE and have made good progress today. Surrounded by ominous black clouds. Lumpy and bumpy, so we'll take in the mainsail down for the night - we dont want to arrive too early.