Cosmo's incredible year - part2

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 10 May 2012 22:52
I am Cosmo -  I am Six and a half 
Eat more Mango's than the Tesco's world wide sells in a month
Eaten a range of fruit, starfruit, Pomme cannelle, pomme cythere, Papaye, Pomme etoile, guava. Pomegranate, Grapefruit, wax apple, Banana, Rambutan, star gooseberry,and coconut all straight from the tree.  and climbed for it  
Fed Nurse Sharks and Grey Rays by hand. Held a baby black tip by it's fin   
Learnt to dance Marquesan 'Dance des Oiseaux' complete with Hoo Ha
Climbed Mountains in remote southern hemisphere islands   
Attended School on a very remote Marquesas island and learnt a bit of French Language
Learnt my 2,3,4,5, 10 and 11 times tables, and how to navigate without instruments  
and invented a new way tocut onions without crying
Got better at reading Learnt to do joined up writing  and some other history stuff
Learnt to sail the Oppy   
Learnt how to Skirf and Knee Board
Snorkeled through a pass (got draged through by the current) filled with sharks, rays, and other wonderful fish in the Tauamotos
Chased two breaching humpback whales through a  Moto on a small dinghy 
Caught coconut crabs   
Swam with Manta Rays, Grey rays and dolphins    
Decided on a career as an Inventor
Built Loads of Leggo 
Discovered a passion for Harry Potter and listened to all 7 books at least 3 times.  
A lot of swimming 
Got Married to my Sister only she was a he!    
Went crabbing
Learnt to kiss ladies hello,  having never been keen on kisses, it's a major achievement.  Decided to marry Milly Betsworth, if she'll have me!
Body surfed in gaint waves and discovered a love for being 'washing machined' by waves 6 times my size   
Visit the largest Tiki's in the world  
Learnt about iPods 
Got really good at sliding down slimy slipways  and being a dog
Toured a super yacht more importantly tried to eat all the sweeties on the super Yacht
Had a  wood sculpting lesson from a master carver 
Drove a big ship  
Became a fireman - or astronaught
And had my Mango-birthday cake with my grandparents
 went to churches
And throughout this I got on with annoying my Mum and Dad  -  a lot . . . . .