San Blas Islands, Kuna Yala, Panama 09:33.8N 78:52.0W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 17 Nov 2010 18:32
There is so much to say about the San Blas and we have stayed here so long now, much longer than we anticipated. So long that we think we are going to spend Christmas here as well.

The San Blas islands are very isolated which is a lot of their appeal. 365 coral islands, only 50 of which are inhabited with villages. many are isolated with just a couple of palm trees and some sand. Quite amazingly beautiful, just like the postcards. We've heard that many people go round the world and say that the San Blas is their favorite place of the trip. Just like Bosham though, the beauty comes at a price, BUGS! If the wind is blowing then all is well, but, if like last night, there is not a breath then the little buggers come and infest us.

We have not had any proper internet for months now and so no way to put postings up on the blog. I am sending this post using the SSB radio which feels very slow indeed.

Amazingly we have met a family from Itchenor (and Stockholm) with a young boy who are lovely, so were starting a Sussex colony with them out here.

We've had Colins parents to stay, and also Grace Reid (daughter of our neighbours in Bosham). All very smooth with a logistic operation based around 1000-'n-1 ways to cook a cabbage.