New Chapter

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 4 Dec 2013 23:39
Life in NZ has been a whirr-wind experience no day is the same and each day plans have changed so we're being kept on our toes.
Thought about selling the boat, then didn't.
Got residency, hopefully that won't change.
Found a new home, then found another new home.
Found a new boat to own, then lost buying it.

Each day plans have changed but the up shot of it all is we can now keep P/B as we are able to bring her into NZ as our own the kids have been so very disappointed about the thought of leaving her.

We so so so happy, she's our home and we love her. She's kept us safe in stormy waters and given us a very happy wealth of experiences, ohh and delivered us to a new home and country.