DAY10 Getting there

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 5 Jun 2013 20:50
The worst is finally over and we're feeling a little like exhausted soldiers. Colin feeling the elation perhaps more than the rest of us due to the amount of pressure he's been under. He's brilliant always thinking one step ahead which in turn mean always considering the worst case scenario. It's the first time we've properly had the Grab-bag ready to go, very very scary at times.

The wind is now dying off as is the enormous swell. Suspect tomorrow we'll joyfully be re-stowing the drogues. Our neighbour on the dock in Nelson has been a complete star and each day up dated with weather reports. Nigel has also been an immense support to Colin documenting chapter and verse about how one could approach the drogue deployment or perhaps less scary alternatives. Thank you so very much Mr Joy.

The children are now very much looking forward to getting in sight of land so at least we've managed to distract them from all the moans about taking them away from there buds and beloved school.

We are now determined to enjoy our swan song up in the islands then it's back to be responsible adults again.

I think it's about time....