A pearl of a Perlas 8:35.96N 79:01.34W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Tue 25 Jan 2011 14:59
Perlas Islands
Out of Panama and our shop-a-thon but we are just hopping off to a group of islands that once traded there ample supplies of pearls, they are apparently still availible here but this doesn't interest us, we are off to the heart of pearl land, Gambier after teh Galapagos.  The Perlas Islands come with mixed reports, visability in the water not good, the beaches are littered with rubbish and local folk playing with sharp knives whilst watching children play,  all not good.  But we need a chill out and to complete some jobs before we make our long trip down to Ecuador,  about 650 miles.   But the minute we started our approach in we where already captured.  Colin and Z saw two jumping Rays and the architecture at the bay we anchor off is refreshingly modern and well maintained.  Once we have re-acquainted ourselves with tides (aboat 6m here at springs), strong currents (not raisins), and almost  gone aground in the middle of the night........

I think we are both totally wound up from our last months activities, so the unwind takes a good 4 days,  but the days are luxury,  Yoga on the trampoline as the sun rises.  Quietly getting on with jobs but also making loads of time to have fun on the beach.  Many of the Islands here aren't populated so the need for cloths are only required to protect our skin from the furious midday sun.  We are having a very very luxurious time as we tend not to eat lunch till about 2-3pm, after Colin has been out fishing with his new mega spear gun.   Little school happening just reading and times tables, might introduce a bit of diary catchup tomorrow but I guess thats manyana.

The down side is Zinnia experiencing extreme anxiety.  It's a total bore and something we need to work through with her,  as if we are unable to over come it our trip across the pacific is going to be a bit of a trial.  I'm sure I've seen it on a lot other kids her sort of age,  and hanging out in Colon and seeing a few places in Panama City have probably help fuel the issue.  But fundimentally we think It's just another phase, that needs a little bit rational added to the mix.

Things we are currently loving:
 - The Peace
 - Quiet mornings watching Rays Jump whilst stretching on the Tramp.
 - Eating fresh fresh fish once again.
 - Snorkeling, new fish regularly spotted are Puffers; odd little things.
 - This is a bit of an odd one, but I love hearing the pad of Cosmo's feet each morning,  coming up the stairs, opening the front door,  and then the thud down the back steps before a long stream of pee is shot into the sea,  it's just a really comforting sound of the little man.
 - Colin falling in love with his Christmas present, a F.O reel spear gun. Suspect he will have to supply the family with every meal for the next 4 years for it to pay for it's self,  but he is already having fun with it and I suspect it may save him from a shark or two due to the reel.