Tahenea - Whales 16:57.3S 144:34.9W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 15 Aug 2011 06:55
Humpback whales inside Tahenea lagoon
Wow !
We saw two humpback whales breaching simultaneaously, but nobody had a camera ready enough to capture it.   They were probably invovled in a two whale 'heat run' as part of the mating ritual.  There are normally more whales around, but maybe not in the lagoon.  Alternatively they could just be jumping out of the water to clean lice from themselves.
Creeping closer... we moved towards them...  it was probably the sound of the outboards that made the whales move on into the lagoon, just blowing and lifting their tails gracefully as they went.
Pictures by Hamish of s/v Seal