Cosmos Birthday

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 1 Apr 2013 04:01
 IMG_1467  Cosmos Pirate Birthday Party  IMG_1467
IMG_7401-002    Nelson-001
For Cosmos 8th birthday party he wanted to ask some friends from school and have a treasure hunt on the Boulder Bank which separates Nelson Haven from the sea.
So, the pirates arrived and a treasure map was created with challenges along the way
IMG_1185 The pirates – Tom, Liam, Ethan, Jamie, Callum, Luca, Cosmo, Siobhan, Zinnia  IMG_1216
Team challenges  like .... building flag poles IMG_6569 IMG_1186 Camp building IMG_1220
Ending at the lighthouse with buried treasure and a visit up to the light at the top and a great view of Nelson
IMG_1192 IMG_1196IMG_1195IMG_1193-002
Longboats back to the Black Pearl All but one made it !!
The Grandfather of all Pirates
IMG_1226 Cake, buns, whipped cream IMG_6590IMG_6594
Pirate Jamie steers us home


“Aharrr.  Till next year Pirates”