Day 3 - Dolphins at night 25:04.58N 21:46.00W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 3 Dec 2009 18:09
A pod of dolphins showed themselves beside the boat in the pitch black.
Great to watch, but not so good for photographs.

Observation - Food and Exercise

Thus far, the food on this boat has been very good, largely due to the
culinary talents of K and Led. Our very own rolling masterchef competition
has seen delights such as Led's Pork chops mit prunes pitted against K's Red
Thai Mahi Mahi. The bit parts have been played by Colin ( breadmaker
extraordinaire) , Ant (chicken a la Nigella) and our fearsome purser Giles.
Menus have been carefully constructed to keep things moving, and Nadine's
exercise classes have been designed to limit the build up of unhelpful fat.
Giles's body in particular is his temple, whilst Ant and Colin are more at
the foundation stage. Colin has however undertaken to follow Nadine's
rigorous regime religiously all the way to Japan.