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Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 25 Jul 2010 14:02
Over the past week I seem to have been inundated with comments about the blog,
some coded but basically saying, 'Liz, you are illiterate.'

I can only say 'it's a fair cop,,,,,,,,,,,,'  
undiagnosed dyslexia and a 70s/80's comprehesive education when grammar and punctuation were out of fashion are the main
culprits. Oh and our spell check doesn't work.

You just have no idea how many drafts it's taken to get it to this stage, even i can't understand the first attempts.

So with this said,  you are now left with two options:

Enjoy desifering this 'original' style!

or stop reading.

After much consideration I have decided I don't mind the comments, even if they come from a Dutchman who can't even claim English as his mother tongue.

Comment is much better than none at all.