Vanuatu Anatom and birthday

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 24 Jun 2013 21:28
Anatom or Aneytium, Vanuatu
Anatom is the southern most island in the Vanuatu group of 83 islands.  Recently became possible to check in here which is good for us.  The queen visited in 1974 and opened the airport on Mystery Island.
Well I can't say I've seen much of Vanuatu yet.  Last night we managed to have our celebratory Steak frite and Colins birthday.  After a couple of drinks and a protein fat laden slunch we retired to bed with bowls full of chocolate to watch a family film,  colin was heard snoring before the opening scene appeared.  The children had been instructed that they might have to put themselves to bed.  Luckily Colin was woken my my snores during the credits.  I think the kids enjoyed the middle bit that both parents snored through.
Anatom 105  Anatom 123
During the monstrous trip our main stay of escapism has been the written word.  I've managed to whizz through 2 of my 6 downloads, The Hundred year old man.... was a very necessary antidote for all the nightmare stuff.  The children and I are very close to finishing a riveting book that we started the day we left port.  'The lost Island of Tamarind'  was not perhaps the most appropriate of reads given on page one the children where bemoaning that they too hated being dragged around the carribean sea with there parent on a boat.  Whilst the sentiment pinched a wee bit we continued,  not sure it was a particularly clever decision as in the next few chapter the children on the 'Pamela Jane' then lost there parents over board in a storm.... Despite it being inappropriate we have found the book incredibly exciting and luckily the eldest daughter in the final few chapters has realised that in fact her life is extra-ordinary and the thought of living on land seems like a poor alternative. We arrive Anatom, Vanuatu at about 10am on the 7th June. Check in was easy other than colin having to go swimming to release the police/customs boats painter getting tied up around our rudder.
It's been quite some trip and a lot of firsts have been seen by the good ship Pacific Bliss.  48knot of wind, drogues at the ready with warps and shackles all in place as each day we got closer to a monster 7mtr sea, reported by one passing vessel to be 13mtrs. Our grab bag decidedly bulging at the seams. P/B has been true to her word, good strong and safe.  Other boats that have also ridden the storm are in a bit of a shakey state now.  We're feeling ever proud and thankful of and to P/B.
Anatom 013 Anatom 070 Anatom 090
Today we've really been walking round in a bit of a daze.  The boys have been a shore to see a lush, clean beautiful looking village that has about 600 inhabitance and 5 churches.  given the amount of green, yellow and black t-shirts Bob Marley and the Rasta movement seems to have reached these shores.  A 'pack boat', P&O cruise liner, rocked up today so it wasn't perhaps the right day to see the village as it's most normal and relaxed.  2000 tourists on 'Mystery island!' just off the main island doesn't particularly captivate our imagination.   Actually it's jolly good excuse to stay home and wallow.
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Water temp good but looking forward to seeing blue skys,  it's currently not the crisp clear climate of Nelson. However it is rather nice hearing the crashing reef.
Exercise regime begins Anatom 137
Celebrated Captains birthday then. I got 4 pairs of pants and a fishing lure - getting old I think.
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