The Crew

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sat 29 Aug 2009 09:12

The crew on this inaugural passage

Torremelinos to Lanzarote :  660nm over 5 days

Martin Betsworth m_MallagaLanzarote 094.jpg

Brian & Paula Hoolahan m_MallagaLanzarote 230.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 100.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 130.jpgm_MallagaLanzarote 143.jpg

Tim Kearsey m_Formentera 002.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 101.jpg

Colin Price m_Formentera 001.jpgm_MallagaLanzarote 098.jpg


Lunch m_Formentera 034.jpg  m_MallagaLanzarote 229.jpg