San Bernardo, Titiapan 09:47.70N 075:51.18W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 15 Sep 2010 14:50
San Bernardo, Titiapan
Extrodinary place again another playground for the rich of Columbia to have a home, use very infrequently, yet support a family who in turn looks after and caretakes the house, not a bad exchange on both parts I suspect.  But the whole place looks like a film set it's very atmospheric. So the rich have unused homes on the large Island on the coast or safely in the Mangroves. 
Whilst the general population of the area are squeezed onto an island about 500m x 500m.  This is a hardcore fishing economy the whole of the island.  It's also an Island with a very large population of young,  all of who are learnt to bail, fish and use a paddle in a dug out from a very young age. 
 Cos-man plays footy with the local boys. 
The enterance to the safe Mangoves is extremely tricky so even with chanel markers,  we suspect they're not really there for our purpose so our eyeball need to be on high alert whilst threading through the coral heads and the side of the island lagoon and anchored surrounded by mangroves.
  This is the chart we had to navigae with!!
We bought lunch in the form for a 4 lb Tuna for less then you could buy a tuna steak at home,  then the village elder suggested his wife cook it for us.  We were given a time to return, venturing back into the village we met the said wife at the shop, all very local hero.   When we got back a table had been set amongst the fishermen hang-out, we eat a good old standard lunch of rice, Plantain, grated cabbage and fried fish. Whilst it was lovely not to cook we felt a little stung being charged $20 for lunch especially as we bought the fish earlier and it seemed half the thing must still be remaining in a kitchen somewhere.  Thus beginning a new policy 'establish the price before entering into an agreement'  not rocket science really,  just proof we're not very streetwise.  
 Liz looking cross afer our rip-off lunch. Rather spolit the charm of the place for us
Our masthead also got a huge visitation of swallows.