Day 13 - 1000miles to go 17:12.93N 42:46.61W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 13 Dec 2009 09:32
A mental milestone.  All numbers are falling.  Strange to think however
that, though we are more than half way, we are probably as far from any land
as we will actually be.  One can almost get vertigo out here if you think about it too hard.
Flying fish have been a regular feature of every day.  Skittering off across the waves from the bow, and occassionally getting it wrong and landing on deck.  Ant had a close shave at night with one whistling past his ear whilst he was on watch. 

Observation - Water water everywhere....

As Fred Astaire once sang, 'I joined the navy to see the world, and what did
I see, I saw the sea'. Thankfully the sea and the sky have been an ever
changing spectacle, and sunsets, shooting stars, moonlit seas have provided
an absorbing backdrop to dolphins, flying fish, and what we like to think
have been boobys and frigate birds. Also, Led thinks he saw a whale. Ant who
was next to him didn't see it, but anyone who has seen Ant's spec
prescription will appreciate that this in no way undermines Led's claimed

We have plenty of water to drink and cook with, but a combination of limited
electricity (and hence limited water making) and overzealous clothes washing
has led to a new, improved water regime. Washing is frowned on, and so we
now have dirty bodies in clean clothes.
Kay and GIles getting down after happy hour.