Anse Amyot - Chez Gaston & Valentine

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 17 Nov 2011 05:42
Anse Amyot - Chez Gaston & Valentine
Time for a break after so much work in Apataki.  Daphe and Vries our friends on Aquamanta need a get away from all the horrible stuff they've been through in the Marquesas.  Our menu here resembles the stuff of kings.  Gaston has spend a night lobstering on the reef the night we arrive so he has managed to collect 80kilo of the beasts.  With fully stocked fish traps at our disposal and coconuts to grate all around we're all in heaven.
Legendary lunch with a glut of Lobster cooked over coconut husk and devine coconut cake. Cosmo puts together a post lunch challenge for us all, Gaston may be able to catch a fish or trackdown half a hundred weight of lobster but Lego isn't his thing.
The kids are delighted to watch Gaston spear a black tip shark then feed it to the Lobsters, apparently it like feeding a premenstral women chocolate!
The boys get competetive at Pettanque
And then we all get competative about kayaks. I loose every challenge
Time is starting to look precious and we need to get to a good place and wait for the wind that will take us up to the Marquesas so we need to get to Fakarava for provisions and a quick dive of the pass just in case we don't come back this way .
But a 5am in the morning we're in for a shock when we discover our accellerator cable has snapped, and we don't have a spare.  It bloody typical , just when you think you understand your boat something goes wrong just to screw you.   We're in a lovely spot but it's remote, no shop, no delivery boat, no airport, and no trasport to anywhere, nothing.  Without an accellerator we're well and truely stuck.  For how long we just don't know so we have to say goodbye to D&V.  In a little bit of a fug not knowing just what to do and how the hell we're going to get a new cable to us.  Bye 10am Valentine and  Gaston are cooking again as the long-liner Tuna boat arrive ready to celebrate the end of 2 weeks at sea, eat lobster and drink beer.  As if by magic the captain asks Colin what's his problem and hour later we're able to lift the anchor with the exact length new cable instaled along with another gift of half a big eyed tuna.  Pinch y'self baby, these thing don't normally happen I'm sure.............