Cosmo's incredible year - part1

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Thu 10 May 2012 22:53
I am Cosmo -  I am Six 
It's going to be a rather tough year to match! 
Having just reached the grand age of 7 we began to reflect on cosmo's incredible journey, 
here's a list and a few photos help us remember in our doutage,
I'll try and keep it in order:
It all started with swimming with Hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos and eating cake on a dive boat
Stroked large spitting larva Iguanas and 2 different species of Giant Tortoises.    
Swam with white tip sharks   
Swam with Penguins, Sea horses, Sea lions and sharks, booby birds     and acted the goat
Big waves!
Sailed half way across a very bumpy  Pacific Ocean     and battled  
Swam with giant Turtles and in waterfalls   and rivers
Caught a massive Mahi Mahi and Tuna  and went goat hunting  and picking up bread with Zin
Enjoyed Mummys cooking  
Snorkelled with thousands of beautiful, bright colourful fish    
Seen at least 5 'Green Flashes' and saw plenty of pacific sunsets
Played like savages for Hours and hours on countless white coral sand deserted islands   
Made lots of friends and played with kids and urchins  
Discovered a love for Coconuts and Sashimi
Learnt to successfully fish with a line and spear gun 
Became a master Hermit crab hunter and able to extract them from their shells for bait
Learnt to drive a JCB and muck around in boat yards   
to be continued . . . . .