Pleasure or Pain? 18:47.9N 63:48.2W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Tue 2 Feb 2010 05:33
Rough sail from BVIs to St Martin
We always knew the return journey was going to be a tough one.  The prevailing weather is generally on the nose and fairly strong.  Well here we are, its 2am and we're being thrown around like a cork, Cos has been seasick and there is 25-30kn over the deck all the time in a steep and confused sea. Not ideal conditions for a catamaran I know.
We left at 3.30pm and took ages to clear Virgin Gorda as the wind kept on heading us.  Then had a couple of strong squalls of rain and wind, then no wind so we had to turn on the engine, then it has settled down in the last 3 hours.
On the upside the moon is so bright it feels warm and you almost need sunglasses.
Should be there as it gets dark tomorrow.  Long way to go from here, but with a bit of luck it won't get any worse.