Baie Controller, Christmas

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 25 Dec 2011 02:28
Christmas, Anse Hooumi, Baie de Controller ...... ummmm 
We followed the French crowd 5nm West to a small bay just off Baie de Controller called Hooumi.  They had arranged for a 'grand repas' for their tradiational Chrsiams Eve, and then a BBQ on the beach for Chrismas day.
Sadly, having spent so much time crowded with so many folk at the festival, something our bodies just aren't used to, we all went down with a range of lurgy, and the lurgy lasted a month.  We just managed to pull ourselves out of our sick beds to have a few half-hearted days of Christmas celebration, but having had such an incredible Christmas last year this was just a rather sad excuse. 
 Not a bad spot however ...
Presents  - Note the bowl from Fatu Hiva - fantastic   
  Messages in the sand - "I wish you were here Granny" 
BBQ in the beach  followed by beach rugby  
New Year back in Taohae was roughly the same, with Colin and I both tucked up before 9.30pm
Baie de Taohae, Nuku Hiva    From the Pearl Lodge swimming pool
Tiki on the shore  
We took a ride across the island   
  And Liz got some 'plant tattoos' on her arm and dress.
Horse riding in the Toovi highlands
Colin had given Zin a 'horse ride' for Christmas, so we got picked up and taken to the highlands of the island.  At 1000m above sea level nothing could be more different - cool air, rolling hills and pine trees - sounds like the Alps in Spring?   Zinnia and Liz get saddled up and go for a hack.
       and Cosmo made a friend
We then have a very ropey lunch with the horse family, before getting a lift back down the hill