Day 5 30.38S 177.23E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sat 10 Nov 2012 17:42
Quite a challenging ride, first auto pilot failure, followed by freezer stop, then box of egg smash into cupboard releasing hideous smell and mountains of work, Then SSB fails and Modem.

Seeing gusts up to 46knot and sea state in the region 6mtrs.

You'd think we would have learnt from one flooding but this after noon we got a mother of a rogue wave that knocked us sideways throwing coffee an numerous objects across the Saloon. Having leapt up to slam the door firm shut I was un able to release the catch and then had to watch a small tidal wave cascade through the door into the cabin. Not a nice job to do when fatigued, plus all those bilge cleaning jobs now seem a little unnecessary.

On the up side we've only 300nm to go and the boat smells like an Italian Cafe.

winds and sea starting to abait a wee bit thank goodness. Perhaps tonight we might get a bit of shut eye.