Day 7 - Turn right 18:04.19N 31:04.19W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:46
A monumental day. We have finally reached a point where there seems little
point in going further South, so we have turned Westwards and now every mile
we do is towards Antigua, somehow this makes quite a morale difference.

We have been going further south than we anticipated because there is a prediction of wind dying away above 20N. I hope this is the right decision as it adds a few hundred miles to our journey, but hopefully having wind will more than make up for it. Always a tough decision as forecasts are fickle.

We are tuned into the 'MadAtlantic' radio net each morning at 0830Z on 4057khz. It is being run by a group of boats going across at the same time as us. Some are in front and some are behind, but each day we turn off all the electrics on the boat and give them our position and wind/ weather conditions. It somehow is a very consoling thing to hear of other boats around you, and you are not so alone on the big sea. ON the strength of this alone I would recommend any boat going across the Atlantic to have an SSB aboard to hear and contribute to, these reports.

We heard from Gile's friend Alex, the skipper of a 150' sailing yacht
'Windrose', that Velsheda passed about 20nm North of us around dawn this
morning. We saw nothing. Not even a blur