Mystery Island, Anatom 20:14.8S 169:46.5E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 12 Jun 2013 20:44
Life is back to normal, hair cuts winch cleaning, bread baking and back to hand washing mountains of dirty/salty cloths/bedding from the passage.
The purchase of our Kayak in NZ is already paying dividends' as the children are now independent. They've spent the afternoon running and jumping off a huge concrete dock on a an island that has been renamed Mystery island, presumable for the benefit of the 2000 cruise line passenger who appear twice a week. It's obviously a great cash cow for the local population, Given the islanders are self sufficient this money in turn goes to help pay for the young's education, so everyone's a winner. Plus the visits are isolated to a place away from the village. Actually we've become rather fond of the place with it's plaque commemorating the queens visit and a huge Cannibal Soup Pot, all highly amusing.

First impressions; the Vanuatan folk as reputed are incredibly polite, the Village is beautifully kept, incredibly I've not seen one piece of plastic lurking about the fore shore or village. They take great pride in there surroundings. Given our experiences in many of the other islands it's a major delight.

Down side is we're now experiencing great, old fashion sleepless nights whilst at anchor. Colin is up to his old tricks and setting anchor watch on the GPS which only ever results in a sleepless night and with 'grand central station sound effect erupting every 45mins. Of course when we got up this morning we found we hadn't moved an inch. It's all coming back to me now, we've been here before. Not sure I agree with the lyrics from a song in 'Chitty Chitty bang bang' 'Oh the Sailing life's for me'!