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Colin Price
Sun 14 Mar 2010 13:27
St Lucia
Too date most folk seem to think it is Mrs Price seconded to write the blog, which most of the time is true, but, what actually happens is I am given the blank canvas and Colin is given the job of correcting the grammar and spelling he was not really allowed to alter the detail.  Largely this is the case but, 'boy' we asked a lot of a couple of friends and there kids to come out for 10 days.  We hope they enjoyed it a bit.
  This is a picture of them leaving PB at Rodney Bay, St Lucia
We stayed on in Rodney Bay for a few days, anchored out in the bay.  We had some jobs to do, the most important of which was to clean the fresh water tanks of all the little bits and pieces that were floating about.  I don't think it had ever been done in the life of the boat.
For reasons best know to themselves the kids have been calling each other 'Mannee' for weeks now.  Imaging their suprise and glee when we came across 'Mannees Bakery'!
A lot of time spent with head in the bilges.  Cleaned the fresh water tank on the Port side which took hours and hours and hours and was very sore.  Sometimes to own a boat you have to be a contortionist as well as a skipper.  I've never done anything like this before and its just another thing that I can do now.  You learn so much at this game.  Each day is a lesson.
St Lucia, like many of the other islands,  is having a severe shortage of water, so there is none available on the dock.  Each day we went into the marina there was
Small town just Noth of the Pitons where we thought we'd pull in for lunch, not expecting to get RIPPED OFF for lunch.
We had dropped down the Coast to Soufriere where we stopped and were ripped off by a local boat boy...If you ever go there, avoid Ben.
Had a great creole lunch and then went to the Jerusalem falls which was dlightful.  Our taxi driver had gone by the time we came out of the falls (He was trying to fit in another fare whilst we were busy) so we walked down the hill and took a local bus for the last bit.  Once more, a lesson learnt, 'use local transport if you possibly can and you are more likely to have a pleasing adventure rather than a tourist trip'.
   Our rasta flower taxi.
  man carrying coconuts
The Pitons
That evening we wen't round the corner to the Pitons.  There were no bouys left, so we were directed to anchor, and left as light was just coming up over the Pitons, quite a grand sight.
  Definitely a pirate ship . . . .