Mamitupu 9:11.25N 77:58.6W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sat 2 Oct 2010 13:59
We arrived in Mamitupu in the pooring rain and the island was a bit of a mud bath,  making us realise how hard life must be living in a bamboo hut.  It was a Saturday morning and we had watched a lot of ulus paddling to the main land to farm.  The Ladies in the village were all in the congresso talking women stuff with the sila.  A few offers of Mola purchases, but nothing worth having.  One of the old ladies had such appauling styes we promised to return with medication.  After the meeting was over we went and met with the silas,  these guys looked great, all lurking about in black felt hats obviously chewing the cud now the ladies had left.  We paid our dues and asked if we might be able to come back in 3 weeksish also asked if we might be able to buy some bread,  with much hand shaking and nodding we where dispatched with a young guy to find the panderia,  we asked for 20 rolls but were told it was too many,  but our bread guide seemed to have some harsh words for the lady, told her to make more for the village and then our request was granted,  I love it.  She most have been told the Silas sent us and not to be so lazy and start baking more, thank god the parish Council don't have this much clout in Bosham............
One of the interests for visiting Mami was to meet with a guy called Paulo,  he had returned to the village after living in the UK for 7 years;  he had married a British lady and had lived in Wimbledon working in Pizza Express, must have been a very strange experience, eventually the weather got to him so he returned to Mami.  Now very much the ultrapanuer, totally lovely guy and looking forward to meeting him in a few weeks.  But the damp, bugs and jellyfish are starting to get us down, especially me, so after a wee hissy fit we decide to depart this neck of the woods and head over night to the more well frequented Western Kuna Yala.   We have friend here so it will be a nice surprise to meet up and the kids will love seeing Phoebe and Drake.  Apart from hitting a coral ledge on our way out of uncharted waters and catching a lovely Tuna on the way into the reef on the other side we had a lovely night sail up.
Forgot to get the camera out, so no photos...