Puka Puka 10:51.8S 165:51W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 5 Aug 2012 01:29
Arrived off the atoll at 7am. Mooring can be arranged by 'dangling' away from the reef, just outside the dinghy pass, on long rope with a solid prevailing wind. Disaster if the wind changes direction.
We arranged this with the PP island council in advance whilst still in Manihiki. Called in CH 16 on arrival but got no response, eventually a boat came out to help us moor up to the wire strop secured to the coral on the North corner of the dinghy pass
Squalls turned the wind to the NE and we got uncomfortably close to the reef, even though being held out by the current - we left sharpish at 2.30pm - a very short stay by our standards