Straits of Gibraltar

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sun 30 Aug 2009 18:37

The Straits


Plenty of traffic and three freighters appeared on the AIS like three parallel daggers coming in from the Atlantic, all going at 20kn+ and we had to weave between them.  Very exciting.

 m_Formentera 009.jpgm_MallagaLanzarote 084.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 089.jpg

The wind picked up and we had a fabulous sail along the North African coast, and out into the Atlantic. Pacific Bliss under an American flag until she is registered as a UK vessel in the Canaries.


m_MallagaLanzarote 092.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 094.jpg m_MallagaLanzarote 098.jpg

m_MallagaLanzarote 103.jpg