DAY8 Monday night 26:55.0S 171:57.0E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 3 Jun 2013 19:11
Position 26:55S 171:57E on 4/6/13 @ 0700NZST

definitely a white knuckle ride last night.

Needing rum or a very concentrated meditative breathing progam to settle the nerves.....

5am and the worst of the storm is over Colin retired to well needed rest, Storm started to build at 6pm yesterday when we set up of the night with three reefs and a smidgin of jib.

Well, neither of us have had a wink of sleep since, It's so hard to compare the worst nights but this has to go down as one of them. Gusting up to near 40 a very sharp lumpy sea and winds siting mostly in the late 20's.

I developed a healthy dose of 'sailing tarets' feeling like the guy in the film Layer Cake; who wasn't keen on Pikey's, my dislike being passage making,if you know my drift.

I'm not sure I remember the bit, when at the alter and promising to obey! and in sickness and health. Small boat in big rough sea wasn't the deal.

Remarkably and thankfully the Children have slept through the whole night.

Anyway given it's starting to subside a wee bit, I can handle 22 knots of wind, I'm feeling a little more positive. Just now waiting for the next round of weather with a new interesting name, otherwise read as 'unpleasant'. 'Colin you can't fool me, anymore, with all this jargon.'

Bricks and mortar, Bricks and mortar I can hear you comin....

Dawn rises to a bleak day with flat could and red gash in the east. yeuch, but at least its not too cold.