Day 14 - Rainbow 17:00.25N 45:11.54W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 14 Dec 2009 17:05
Lost the topping lift overnight.  It parted at the top of the mast after
having chaffed through, suspect on the mainhalyard block.  K and C quickly
knocked up an alternative which should get us to Antigua without having to
go up the mast.

Beatiuful rainbow under a nearby raincloud.  Never seen aything like it
quite before.

Observation number 4 - cause for concern

Although thus far all has been plain sailing, not everything has been plain
sailing in the metaphorical sense. In particular, it has been observed that
Led is getting a bit frisky. Both Colin and Ant are growing beards as a
defense mechanism, but sadly the Doc has been reluctant to administer
sureptitious doses of Bromide - aka 'Lead preventer' (not to be confused
with the Led preventer, a handy device of Led's invention to prevent sails
doing things they aren't supposed to do)