Passage 1

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Wed 20 Apr 2011 14:55
We have just left the Galapagos on the big 3000nm passage to Gambier and we are really chuffed. We have been at sea for 4 days heading south to find the
trades? Its hard going as the wind is not where I want it and its not doing what its told. Bumpy sea, and I could see this continuing for some days.

All's well on board, though we are being knocked around a bit. This is definitely not the gentle passage that we had from Ecuador to Galapagos.

Now, a few days in, each day seems to blend into the one before, and its hard to differentiate one sunrise from the next (when we do see the sun at the moment, which is not often). It seems to be what happens on the long passages, that after 3-4days everyone settles in and finds their space. Keeping the kids amused is always a challenge, but the lure of banana cake was strong yesterday.

Have lost a few fish in the last few days which is bit frustrating, so we're having to delve into the freezer, but I guess thats what its there for.