DAY7 Striping off 27:12S 171:11E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 3 Jun 2013 06:39
Position 27:12S 171:11E on 3/6/13 @ 1815NZST

Well things aren't getting much easier. Colin had his 47th birthday yesterday and suspect he won't be trying to savour it in times to come. Still it's an experience and that's apparently what we are in this for.

Thus far it not been our favorite passage, we seemed to wait an age for a weather window and Colin is now wondering 'what weather window' it a front isn't coming from the north then it's coming from the south or the west or the east it seem. flipety gibit we'll need a good hard drink when this one is over.

Finally managed to get Zinnia to swallow a sea sick tablet yesterday and after a 2 hour sleep she's been right as rain ordering food left right and center.

Trying to keep up with a little school work reciting xtables and a wee bit of spelling and typing practice but as you can imagine it's not high on the agenda.

Now fully reefed for the night as we head up into our first front which apparently despite much worry has diminished considerable now we need to try and get up north to avoid the pulse of seas coming up from the south - new concept on us.

We've been looking forward to Vanuatu since leaving the UK, just flipping hope it's worth it......