Day 11 - Half way; Colin's Pants 17:53.24N 39:04.25W

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Fri 11 Dec 2009 17:05
Half way . . . . and, what's changed?  Well there is sea, some more sea and
then sky. And, I've no idea what the reference is to Colin's pants?!

A small party was held in honour of reaching the halfway point.  All are allowed double rations of whisky.  Fish curry (voted the meal of the trip) and singing ensued.

Ant and Colin lead off with 'the English are Best', followed by various
tunes.  Ending up with a very messy rendition of 'Yesterday'.

Night sky is magnificent.  In the absence of light pollution there the sky
is alight with the milky way (no kids, not the snack you can eat between
meals). Led has sort and spotted some of the major constellations including
Orion, Plaedes, Trianglium, Cassiopia, Aries amongst them..  ONe of the
highlights is shooting stars.  We all long ago ran out of wishes, there are
so many. Long, short, bright, dim, low, behoind clouds, they just keep
falling out of the sky.  Still, it seems there are plenty of stars left, so
we don't think we'll run out before we get there.