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Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Mon 7 Dec 2009 15:32
Much laughter aboard, and a little downtime.
  And some jiving to the washing up 
Ant braved the shark infested waters of the Atlantic for a quick drag behind the boat.  Ticked the box for him of having a swim wherever he goes.
Caught a tiny dorado (they grow to more than 2m apparently) and had it for lunch.  To be fair it wasn't the cleanest catch and we think it was probably looking the other way when it ran into the hook by accident.  One other fish bent our biggest hook straight, so quite glad it got away, and another one got off the line today, so all in all, we know there are fish there, just not sure how to get them on board.
Having said that we did have a suicidal flying fish on the deck this morning.
We are running a sweepstake each night on the 'miles run during the day'  So far Ant is king, with 3 out of four.  We plan to be doing abou 150nm per day, so thats a starting point. 
Wind dropped about 24hrs ago, adn we have motorsailed.  All weather reports say that we might be in for a quiet patch for the next 3 days, or until we get to below 18deg N, but either way we might be at this for a while.