DAY5 passage making 31:02S 171:59E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Sat 1 Jun 2013 17:51
31:02S 171:59E on 2/6/13 n@ 0600 NZST

It's 4am in the morning and we have gone from no wind to goose winged this morning to bumpy sea and 25 knot across the beam. This feels and sound like our trip down to Gambia, I didn't enjoy that either. I could happily write chapter and verse about how I don't like passage making and the New Zealand leg is not a pretty one. Thing is, we've decided to do it repeatedly, ' glutten', me thinks.

Kids and grown ups all clean but one more leak window leading to wet bed needs to be address tomorrow morning once the wind comes round and starts to head us... did I say how much fun passages are. Colin just had an eventful watch seems we were on the main line between China and NZ and with bumps and crashes all over the place he managed to miss foot and crumple in a heap giving himself a nice blue bruised bottom for his birthday tomorrow.

Still on the up side we are almost half way and after a big northerly blow tomorrow it should see the worst of the weather behind us, so as we head further into tropical climes we should have that very illusive trade wind up our chuff, I think this should be the 5th time of down wind sailing we will have seen in nearly 4 years, fingers crossed...