DAY9 not easy 025:03S 171:37E

Pacific Bliss
Colin Price
Tue 4 Jun 2013 18:49
Position 025:03S 171:37E on 5/6/13 @ 0630NZST

Well this isn't the easiest of passages but we're getting there. one more hurdle over and only a few left to stride. Colin and I not managing much rest on 1-2 hr watches at most, it's incredible how revitalized you feel after 40winks. Hopefully things will start to ease after the next 24hrs.

The children have been incredible and managed to put up with hideous days at sea.

348miles to go so fingers crossed for a very relaxed weekend on the beach, we will, like no other trip deserve a very well earned rest.

Roller furling line parted company yesterday which was a challenge. Cobbled together for now.

MOnster seas on the way today. Have dug out drogues and lines. If the weather, for once, behaves wind should ease this afternoon, then one more uncomfy night and the wind drops to 17kn from the SE and blows us to port. We'll see!